dental clinic @ yagnik road

A dental and ayurveda clinic for a couple on one of the prime commercial area of Rajkot. Dental clinic and Ayurveda Consulting both has separate entry from passage and internally they are connected via door. Dental clinic design has a simple layout where one enters into waiting area – reception. A single glass door opens towards consulting and dental operatory. Operatory has adjacent laboratory area with basin and storage. Waiting, dental and Lab – all three are basically in open layout and are only partially divided by half glass partitions. Ayurveda clinic has one small consulting table and a patient bed for checkup.

Plumbing is directly connected with chair from below and dental equipments like suction machine are carefully accommodated in furniture so that nothing is seen outside.

The theme of whole dental clinic design revolves around white background walls, light grey furniture in laminate and few highlighted parts in sky blue backpainted glass. This clinic is designed in a way that furnitures are not as separate elements but they are continuous bands which are merged with each other and with walls. So the blue backpainted glass band continue from wall panelling to table top and then to table side. Plenty of natural light complimented with white walls and white flooring and the interior in cool shades of grey and blue, overall creates a calm and peaceful clinic environment.