roots dental clinic

Roots Clinic was chosen by Famdent Awards as best dental clinic interior in India. (Non-Metro category, Year 2017)



Dentist Couple, wife being general dental surgeon and husband an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon who will also require dental operation theatre and a small patient ward. General requirements of 5-6 person waiting area with reception, consulting area and two dental chairs. Small laboratory cum scrub room before doctor enters operation theater.


At the beginning, architect and client combinedly decided to create a dental clinic interior which is technically superior as well as provides soothing and pleasant environment. A place where dentists would love to work for longer hours and patients wouldn’t mind if a few more teeth are extracted!

Key Ideas

The idea was that interior should truly portray transparency in medical environment. So, waiting, consulting and dental operatory are all aligned in seamless transparency. While maintaining transparency, to enhance the importance of consulting area deodar wood has been cladded in ceiling and four pillars (like ‘mandap’). There is no partition between consulting area and operatory but only indian onyx marble pouffe acts like a separator between them.

This dental clinic having speciality of oral surgery has facility of sterilization, dental operation theater, small ward for patients and a toilet. This functions are resolved in tight space and are separated from main areas by interior partition. Operation theatre has two entries. Doctor can enter from operatory area via sterilization and patient directly enters from waiting area via ward!

Material Pallet

White is the primary colour of whole interior and wood adds the touch of warmth to consulting and handles. Bidasar green marble is the highlighter in operatory while dental clinic logo made in metal plate is the primary wall highlighter in waiting area. Multicolour slate are used in clinic entrance to make it inviting and dramatic!


“A carefully chosen minimal material pallet where soothingness of white is balanced by warmth of wood and sheen of metal and lacquer. Such a material pallet combined with clean forms make a holistic environment which is exciting, lively yet composed.”


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