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architect’s own home and office interior design @ bhaktinagar society, rajkot

Office Design

A small single room office located in our existing 60 year old house in Rajkot. The reason of home adjacent office was my refuge to work in a closed glass facaded box that all developers provide. The concept was to make office a pleasant working environment with plenty of natural light, natural breeze and soothing organic interior.

The open layout office, with no separate chambers – allows free interactions between architect, team members, clients and agencies which is at base of the practice. Architect is aware about every minute detail getting drafted and same way team members know about conversations with client and agencies.

Office interior design itself also becomes the display of architect’s preferred material palate – wood, stone, marble, brass and glass! The custom made backlit glass ceiling provides a very evenly spread and smooth lighting. The idea behind such a ceiling was to create visually very subtle ambiance that facilitates the devotion towards work.

Design of the exterior elevation of office is orchestrated by dholpur stone cladding on stair, marble and wood screens but mainly by plantation done at multiple levels!

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Home Design

The office was my refuge to work in closed space while the design of house was refuge to the stereotype interior done nowadays where walls, furniture and artefacts everything is decoratively highlighted. Here being in position to do whatever me and my wife like, we chose to do very important – do nothing!! More specifically do minimal. We deliberately kept almost all walls clean and plain white. Only the necessary furniture is there and the design of customised furniture were done with minimal elements and materials. The most important design elements of house are not furniture pieces or walls but indoor and balcony plants!

‘Nizarna Brown’ marble flooring run through whole house while dining table is cladded in ‘bidasar green’ marble with built-in drawers. Exisiting teak wood doors were retained and polished and base of sofa and few elements are of brass.

Natural light and breeze brings out the beauty of spaces with plain white walls. Unobstructed walls and minimal home furniture truly retains the focus on green plantation which is at the core of living in the house.

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