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 Inside outside Magazine

Villa Aaranyak – weekend retreat design project was published in Inside-Outside magazine November 2015 issue.

 Sandesh Newspaper

Sandesh Rajkot published a feature about concept – Organic Architecture

 Online Publications絕美無死角:被大自然氣息包圍的雙層度假別墅

This house is named Villa Aaranyak, Aaranyak means ‘in the woods’. True to its name, the idea behind making this house was to create a serene environment in lapse of nature. As nature is the primary element it is deliberately taken care of that sun, wind, rain, sky and greenery remains much more important than building itself. The architecture had to be just a connecting dot between people and nature. Spaces of the building and making of the building both had to respect nature.

The boundary between building and garden becomes so much diluted that house almost becomes a landscape in itself… inside and outside merges into each other…

As the house was completely opening towards west side, there was plenty of wind and natural light throughout. There was so much natural wind because of vast open riverbed that ceiling fans itself are not placed!

Actually the issue was to restrict heat from too much sunlight on glass shutters. For that the building is slightly tilted and made parallel to angular plot line. This helped to get better view and also softened the effect of sun because rather than direct west, full height opening orients towards north-west. Five feet cantilever on this side made sure that sun does not directly fall on glass before 4pm. Soft paving of lawn has been selected in front of dinning and bedroom, so as to gentle the indirect sunlight and reduce heating of floor.

Curved skylight holes in living area gives mild sun rays and removes hot air when doors and curtains are closed.