smile dental clinique

Project of a small dental clinic interior design in an existing hospital in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. Consulting and operatory are completely open without any partition in-between, as this is a small clinic with a single dental chair and niche practice. Waiting area and dental laboratory are separate rooms accommodated in existing hospital complex.

Services are planned in a way that one can see simply chair on the floor without any box or pipes visible!  To make pipes invisible all the service lines are taken under the floor and a small chamber is made right below the chair. All the services directly get connected to the dental chair from this chamber. These services include electric connection, water inlet, plumbing outlet, HDMI cable, Suction, and Compressor inlet. Underfloor services not only give clean look but also allows hassle-free movement around the chair. For this the floor is raised 5 to 6 inches above the slab and location of the chair was finalized before doing the flooring.

This dental clinic is filled with natural light as it is considered best condition for shade matching in aesthetic work. Also natural light creates a sense of hygiene and increases work efficiency of dentist.

Soothing and modern dental clinic interior using light grey tiles, white walls and pine wood.

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