windcatcher house

bungalow with 5 bedrooms @ rajkot

The 5 bedroom bungalow on a 135 yard corner plot for simple joint family. The ground floor consists of parking and a bedroom for elder sister, first floor has kitchen-dinning, living, terrace, puja and a bedroom for mother, second floor consists of a bedroom for couple and their daughter while third floor has a bedroom for younger sister and terrace. Lift and ramp is provided as the daughter is physically challenged.

Conceptually the house is one large space. The focus is double height court like living space. Kitchen-dinning is only partially divided from living. The bedrooms have two windows, one opening on road and the other opening in the double height. In that sense first and second floor is one interconnected space. The sill level of windows become sitting spaces.

The house is designed in a way to effectively use natural light, wind and rain water. Jali in the stair, large windows, FF terrace, skylights and windcatcher are deliberately integrated with design so that the building is litted and breathable without using electricity source most of the time.

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