50 Shades of White – Office Interior Design

A simple straight forward 600 square feet modern white office interior design for a real estate company in Rajkot, Gujarat. The L shape space itself framed the layout of waiting area, main chamber, staff area and a closed lounge cum meeting space. Office layout itself is very simple and boxy but it is articulated in such a way that spatially the box almost gets dissolved and whole office is perceived as one cluster.

The partition between waiting area and staff area-lounge area is not at all like a typical partition. It contains of a freestanding TV unit and standalone wooden frame; rest of partition is clear glass. This partitional frame was conceptualised as the binding element of whole interior. Deliberate transparency creates this partition which defines the space without dividing it. Whole interior including walls and furniture are strikingly white. The figured indian marble provides a backdrop to the whole white theme while the wooden elements provide warmth to the interior.

White office table design blends smooth curves and levels to create a furniture piece that is prominent yet rhythmic with other interior elements.

Pristine white interiors romancing with the wooden mystery!

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