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If you leave your dental practice feeling exhausted at the end of the day, one of the problem might be your clinic lighting. Incorrect lighting can result in eye strain, fatigue, and headache. While correct lighting can be a fantastic tool for creating a comfortable environment. Lighting can be utilised in a way to make patients feel calm and reduce their nervousness. Updating your operatories with basic understanding of dental clinic specific lighting criteria, will help you work better, feel better and be more efficient.

Even the finest material in dentistry cannot be as good as a natural tooth. In the same way, nothing can be as good as natural light in the clinic. How much ever high-end lighting system one can design and install, it cannot replace natural light altogether.

Dentists around the globe have considered natural light as best condition for shade matching in aesthetic work. Besides that, natural light creates a sense of hygiene and has an inherent beauty to create a soothing ambience. A clinic with carefully articulated natural light source will create a pleasant work environment for doctors and relaxed treatment environment for patients. (Fig.4)

This should be considered while planning a new clinic set-up as many of the commercial buildings in India doesn’t provide possibility for windows. In some cases, with pre-planned layout, one can get number of windows increased or modified during building construction phase.

Even if lights and air-conditioners are going to be used round the clock, dentist should not compromise on windows while buying the clinic space. Studies have proven that working in windowless environments decreases productivity and increases stress.

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